Welcome from the Governor's of Ysgol Y Deri

As Governors, we take immense pride in our school, especially in the dedicated staff who work tirelessly and give their all to ensure our students receive the best education possible.

The Governing Body represents parents, the Local Authority, the community and the school staff. Together, we collaborate to address all aspects of life within the school. Importantly, we strive to understand the school’s goals and how it achieves them. We accomplish this by asking relevant and probing questions during meetings, examining the performance of the pupils and acknowledging their achievements. In addition to our termly meetings and briefings from key staff, we actively visit the school to familiarise ourselves with its strengths and the challenges it faces first-hand.

Another crucial aspect of our role is overseeing the school’s finances to ensure everything is in order. We are committed to ensuring that the funds allocated by the Vale of Glamorgan are well-spent for the benefit of our school community.

Mr Tim Exell
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Mr Tim Exell

Chair Of Governors

Claire Gould
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Mr Michael Surcombe

Vice Chair Of Governors

Membership of the Governing Body

  • Mr Tim Exell / LEA Governor
  • Mr Christopher Britten / Headteacher
  • Ms Rhiannon Packer / Community Governor
  • Michael Surcombe / Community Governor
  • Mrs Rowena Gilbert / Parent Governor
  • Mrs Nadine Honeybone / Community Governor
  • Mr Paul Tyack / Parent Governor
  • Mr David Jackson / LEA Governor
  • Mrs Martine Wildin / Parent Governor
  • Katherine Edwards / Parent Governor
  • Mr Ken Pile / LEA Governor
  • Ms Natalie Hoard / Parent Governor
  • Mr Clayton Williams / LEA Governor
  • Mr Michael Surcombe / Parent Governor
  • Mrs Rose Whittle / LEA Governor
  • Mr Steve Jones / Staff (Non-teaching) Governor
  • Miss Sian Davey / Staff (teaching) Governor
  • Mrs Joanne Western / Clerk
  • Mrs Faye Norris / Staff (teaching) Governor
  • Mrs Josie McAllister / Observer
  • Mrs Claire Gould / Observer