Speech & Language Therapy (SALT)

The Speech and Language Therapists work with the School Leadership Team to identify training needs around communication and feeding and where appropriate provide whole school training for the benefit of all students.

Where a student is referred for Speech and Language Therapy, the therapists work within class collaboratively with the teacher and other support staff.

There is close liaison with parents and this enables all people working with the child to work on agreed targets at the most appropriate times of day in the most naturalistic and meaningful setting. We also work closely with the multi-disciplinary Health Team and other agencies a student may be involved with.

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Where a child is referred to the service, the Speech and Language Therapist will:

  • Gather information from previous Speech and Language Therapists the child has seen.
  • Liaise with other members of the multi-disciplinary team as appropriate.
  • Identify targets jointly with the class teacher and parents.
  • Advise and train staff on how to work on the targets throughout the school day.
  • Support learning and generalisation of skills.
  • Monitor and review progress.
  • Contribute to the annual review process.
  • Liaise with, inform and advise parents about their child’s progress.

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