Curriculum Vision Statement

Potential, Opportunity, Achievement

At Ysgol Y Deri the curriculum is designed to meet the individual academic, therapeutic and wellbeing needs of our pupils so that they can flourish both within our school and when they leave. The curriculum works towards our pupils developing the skills, experience and knowledge they need for a successful and fulfilled future and is underpinned by the Four Purposes and our core values.

We are aspirational and recognise the potential of each of our pupils ensuring that we identify their strengths and talents. We provide the opportunity for our pupils to realise their potential through a wide range of meaningful learning experiences and through access to high quality specialist resources. Staff at YYD have a holistic, collaborative ‘can do’ approach to providing a motivating and relevant curriculum that maximises and celebrates pupil achievement.

Over the past 3 years as part of the curriculum development process, teachers and LSA’s have focussed on developing the core values of YYD. They have also considered what does a successful future look like for our pupils and what knowledge, skills and experiences do they need to meet their full potential.

Pupil voice has been key, our pupils have contributed to the refinement of the existing thematic cycle to incorporate what motivates, excites and is important to them.

Parent’s, Governors and stakeholders have been kept informed of the changes that Curriculum for Wales will bring and their views on aspects of curriculum development have been sought along the way.

four purposes

Central to, and underpinning, everything that we do are the four purposes. The four purposes are the starting point and aspiration for Ysgol y Deri’s curriculum. Ultimately, the aim of a school’s curriculum is to support its learners to become:

Learning will be done through the 6 areas of learning and experience (AoLE) as part of a chosen theme. The 6 areas are:

1. Expressive arts – Art, Dance, Film, Drama, Music and Digital Media

2. Health and well-being – learning about having a healthy body, and a healthy mind. Understanding healthy relationships and how to make good life decisions.

3. Humanities – exploring history and geography; business and politics; religions and society. 

4. Languages, literacy and communication – Learning and understanding different languages. Creating your own stories, poems or films.

5. Maths and numeracy – Understanding and using numbers. Understanding and using symbols. Learning about shapes and measurement. How to collect and use information to make decisions.

6. Science and technology – Understanding nature and living things. Learning about designing and building things. And how technology works and how to use it to solve problems.

The development of the cross curricular skills of literacy, numeracy and digital competency will be planned for across every AoLE and embedded within each theme.

The design and development of the curriculum at Ysgol y Deri is a dynamic process and will be regularly reviewed by pupils, staff, parents, and governors. The extension into KS4 and KS5 will be planned for over the next 3 years as more qualifications information becomes available.